wooly walkers

6 1/2"

Hit or Miss Trivet instructions.

Either copy and paste the picture of the circle and print it out or trace around your felt piece

Material needed:

 Monk’s Cloth 18” square

Approximately 90-100 yards of worsted weight yarn, cut into 1 yard lengths 

#10 Oxford needle

Felt to finish the back

Felt with iron on adhesive

Trace the design onto your Monk’s Cloth. The easiest way is in a sunny window; tape up the pattern and tape the Monk’s cloth over it and trace it using a permanent marker.

Place cloth into an embroidery hoop, design facing up, and stretch the fabric as tight as you can (this is important). With needle punching you work from the back.

Use the yarn 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together at the same time

Keep checking the front to see that the background cloth isn’t showing through.


Remove the project from the hoop, place right-side up onto your ironing board and using a damp towel, steam your project with your iron on “wool” or high.  Let cool.

Cut the Monk’s cloth so there is a 1” border around your work. Carefully, without burning yourself, fold the border onto the back of your trivet in sections and iron flat as you go.

Peel the paper backing off of your felt, place it shiny side down onto the back of your trivet and iron on medium-high heat for about 8 seconds.